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"A power of attorney is a legal document authorizing someone to make decisions and sign documents on behalf of someone else. Generally, the person creating the power of attorney is known as the “principal,” who authorizes another person “the agent,” or “attorney in fact” to sign documents as the principal’s representative."

-National Notary Association

Types of power of attorneys

  • General power of attorney. This gives the agent a range of powers to conduct all types of financial transactions.

  • Limited or special power of attorney. Limits the authority of the agent to a single transaction, certain types of transactions, or to a certain period of time.

  • Durable power of attorney. A power of attorney that is not terminated by the principal's incapacity.

  • Springing power of attorney. A power of attorney that does not become effective unless/until the principal becomes incapacitated.

  • Incapacity or incapacitated. Defined by Florida law as: "The inability of an individual to take those actions necessary to obtain, administer, and dispose of real and personal property, intangible property, business property, benefits, and income."

Before notarizing a power of attorney

How much does it cost to notarize my power of attorney?

$10 Per Stamp

$30 Time & Mileage


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