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The Testator (person making his/her will) must be present and competent to execute the document.

The Testator and the 2 uninterested witnesses must be 18 years or older and produce valid appropriate identification to the notary public.

If you want your will notarized, which in the state of FL, notarization is not required for a will, you must have a jurat, or you must direct the notary to provide a jurat.  

The self-proving process involves the Testator and 2 uninterested witnesses taking an oath and signing the self-proving affidavit.  The notary is responsible for administering the oath to the Testator and the 2 witnesses, and for completing the jurat.


If you do not have witnesses, we can provide a witness for you. 


The notary is not responsible, nor required, to make the will self-proving but may add the affidavit and notarial certificate if requested by the Testator.  Also, the notary may not explain the purpose or effect of the self-proving process.

A Will can be printed or handwritten

The testator must be 18yrs old +

Need 2 witness

The witnesses must also be 18yrs old + and uninterested. They cannot be beneficiaries or spouses of the beneficiaries in the will

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For Notary use only -
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